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I raced a...

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I raced a...

Post by Corepuncher on 11/15/2011, 12:00 pm

BMW yesterday. I was minding my own business and he came up on my ass. I shifted to the other lane, and he floored it coming up from behind. I was already in 2nd gear coasting at about 3000 RPM just in case...and I waited until he was right beside me and floored it. Although he was going faster than me at first, 1 shift later into 3rd and he was in my mirror. At the stop sign he was impressed...I got the impression he has blown away several mustangs in the past.

My TVS comes today. muhahahahaha. Can't wait! Gonna go looking for some Corvettes to embarrass.
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Re: I raced a...

Post by BASixxer on 11/15/2011, 12:06 pm

should already be embarrassing some Corvettes... this will flat out make them cry...

I raced a 5.0 last night. Didn't end so well for me, LOL
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