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BAER 6S and 6R Information

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BAER 6S and 6R Information

Post by Shelby10' on 6/16/2011, 11:32 pm

Here you go Jake:

Got this info from Team Shelby Forum:

"Calipers: Baer 6S/6R Aluminum MonoBlock CaliperManufactured completely in-house from a single chunk of forged aluminum alloy, the Baer 6S (Street) and 6R (Race) calipers combine maximum stiffness and fatigue life with minimum weight. They also feature dramatic, ultra-clean, and purposeful looks. Combined with road-going dust and weather seals to maximize civility and manners, both the 6S and the 6R are appropriate for use on the street, on the track, or both. They are, quite simply, world class!

A little background on MonoBlock calipers: If you follow Formula One, NASCAR, World Sports Car, Champ or IndyCar racing, the winning teams employ calipers machined from one piece of exotic aluminum alloy. These calipers are referred to as "MonoBloc(k)" units.

In the rare air of world-class motorsports, MonoBlock calipers carved from a single piece of aluminum alloy are accepted as a must to achieve the best combination of stiffness and fatigue life with minimum weight. The cost of such technology is also accepted as a "necessary evil." Prices start at $2,000 or more per caliper (thatīs one caliper, no pads, no rotors), and some combinations of features, such as pistons with thermal heat barriers and so on, can easily exceed $3,000 each. When MonoBlock technology first emerged this may have been a reasonable price, but today with machine tool advances, this has become nothing less than a windfall profit for current manufacturers, as none have changed their prices to reflect the new efficiencies of production.

Baer is the first to bring this pinnacle race technology to the streets at a price point accessible to serious enthusiasts everywhere. We pass along savings gleaned from machine tool advances to our customers without compromising a thing!

The 6S is Robust, Rigid, and now RED with its new hi-temperature red powder coat finish STANDARD! And because of its Forged MonoBlock Construction, the Baer 6S caliper is the stiffest caliper to ever be offered for road-going use, unless of course you include Baerīs own "6R" caliper in your comparison.

Spec calipers are suitable for either Sprint or Endurance races. For Sprint duty the caliper is run with both stainless cross-bolts in place, while for Endurance races the cross-bolts are removed and the caliper is run with only the spring retention clip, making pad changes possible in just a few seconds.

here's the link for more detailed info on them


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