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Resetting KAM "Keep Alive Memory" when doing mods to your Ford

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Resetting KAM "Keep Alive Memory" when doing mods to your Ford

Post by Shelby10' on 4/24/2011, 7:12 pm

Stole this from Stangs United...very good info over there!

"It is very important that anyone who loads in a new calibration file, fuel pump, MAF Sensor or throttle body (no matter what TB) resets the "keep alive memory".. especially but not limitted to the 2010 -2011's

resetting "KAM" in these cars means first disconnecting the negative battery cable then turn on the head light switch. Do this for at least 20 minutes with the head lights turned on

(head lights on because the power that is stored in the PCM goes to the head lights)

Then turn head lights off after 20 minutes and reconnect negative cable. start car, do not touch gas pedal or turn steering wheel and make sure the A/C and heat is off and let the car idle for at least 2 minutes.. an erratic idle is not abnormal when doing this procedure seeing as how the car is searching for an idle. After the car learns its idle it should be fine moving forward."

Why do this you ask?

"In a nut shell...This allows the computer's adaptive memory to be cleared so that the the computer can adapt and learn (adaptive learning) the new changes you just made (I.E. new TB and or tune changes) much quicker otherwise it takes the computer longer to adapt to those changes. It can be especially helpful if there is an existing problem / code or failsafe etc."

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